How Do I Give Feedback To Burger King?

How To Give Valuable Feedback to Burger King?

Burger King is one of the largest and most recognizable fast food chains in the world. With over 18,000 locations across more than 100 countries, it serves millions of customers every day. As a frequent Burger King customer, you may sometimes have ideas, concerns, complaints, or compliments that you wish to share directly with the company. Providing constructive feedback is the best way to help Burger King understand what they are doing well and where there is room for improvement at a specific location or within the broader company policies and procedures.

Where and How to Provide Burger Kin Feedback?

Burger King offers several convenient channels for customers to provide feedback about their dining experience. These include:

In-Restaurant: You can provide in-person feedback by speaking directly with the store manager on duty during your visit. Managers are equipped to handle most basic complaints or issues on the spot, as well as pass along the feedback to their district manager or Burger King corporate, if warranted.

Receipt Survey: Check the bottom of your printed receipt and you may find an invitation to take a brief customer satisfaction survey online. This allows you to rate various aspects of your visit and provide comments. Your responses are aggregated with other feedback to help Burger King update policies and address emerging issues.

Website Contact Form: The Contact Us page on has an online form where you can select Compliments, Complaints, or General Questions as your topic. You can then describe your experience or issue in detail and provide your contact information for any follow-up needed.

Social Media: Burger King monitors guest feedback that comes in through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. While critiques or complaints posted publicly on social platforms may not receive an individual response, they use this feedback to make broad improvements over time. You can also DM the company which may result in a personal response.

Email: For formal complaints or significant issues with a local restaurant or employee, you may wish to send a detailed email to the Burger King corporate customer service team at [email protected]. This allows you to outline the situation comprehensively. Always include the restaurant location, employee names if applicable, receipt details, and steps they can take to resolve your problem.

Best Practices for Actionable Burger King Feedback

For your feedback to Burger King to have the greatest impact, keep these guidelines in mind:

Be Specific: Vague criticisms like “the fries were bad” or “the staff was rude” don’t provide enough detail to identify and resolve the root issues. Instead, describe more specifics like “the fries seemed old and soggy, perhaps not cooked fresh” or “the cashier was impatient and rolled her eyes when I asked a question”.

Be Constructive: While expressing frustration may feel justified after a negative experience, avoid aggressive complaints and suggest ways they can improve instead. This makes the feedback more valuable in prompting actual change.

Be Understanding: Remember that problems are often created by flaws in training protocols, procedures or resources allocation across the whole company, not just isolated to the person you interact with. Have empathy and give staff the benefit of the doubt when possible.

Be Prompt: Submit feedback as soon after your restaurant visit as possible, while the details are still fresh in your mind. This prevents confusion or facts getting lost over time. Speed also allows corrective action to take place swiftly, before more guests are similarly impacted.

Provide Proof of Purchase: Including your receipt or order number helps give validity to your feedback and allows the company to investigate details like which employees were working at the time. Redacting any personal financial information first is advised.

Follow Up If Needed: If your initial feedback does not receive a satisfactory response after a week or two, consider following up via another channel. Reaching out again demonstrates you are serious about seeing changes made.

By tailoring your Burger King feedback to be clear, constructive and courteous – while reliably describing your experience and expectations – you increase the chance of it creating positive change. Customers play a key role in helping major brands continually improve. Following these tips will help ensure your voice is heard within the company.

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